Join us to explore the cuisine of Hoi An – beautiful city in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam

1.Pho Hoi chicken rice


Rice used for this food is carefully selected with preference of sticky and soft type. Rice will be added ingredients, then boiled with chicken broth and pandan leaves by charcoal. The chicken must be the young, soft but not friable one. Chicken will be boiled, then ripped into small pieces and added onion, fried red onion, salt, black pepper and Vietnamese coriander.

The decoration of this food is very important. Ripped chicken pieces are put on top of rice dish. It is taken with onion, papaya pickle, Tra Que herbs, pepper sauce and soy sauce. Especially, Pho Hoi chicken rice is featured by a soup made by mixed internal organs of the chicken. With meticulous cooking method and special materials, people in Hoi An created a very unique chicken rice, enjoy foreigner visitor’s trust.


“Bà Buội” Chicken rice – 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street; “Sân Đình” Chicken rice – 16 Phan Chu Trinh Street; “Bà Hương” chicken rice – 18 Le Loi Street; Mermaid Restaurant – 2 Tran Phu Street; “Cô Ly” Restaurant – 22 Nguyen Hue Street; “Canh Buom Trang” Restaurant – 34 Tran Cao Van Street; “Cô Thuận” Restaurant – 17/4 Hai Ba Trung Street.

2. Cao Lầu

Delicious dishes in Hoi An

The elders in Hoi An said that Cao Lầu appeared from 17th century, during the time Hoi An Port was opened, allowing a lot of foreign traders enter Hoi An. This is reason why Cao Lầu affected a lot by Chinese Cuisine and a little by Udon noodle of Japanese. However, Cao Lầu keeps one-of-a-kind outstanding features of Hoi An cuisine.


“Bà Bé” Restaurant, Vạn Lộc Restaurant, “Trung Bắc” Restaurant – Tran Phu Street; “Chị Liên” Restaurant – Thai Phien Street.

3. Bánh bao – bánh vạc (White Rose cake)

Delicious dishes in Hoi An

“Bánh bao” (dumpling) and “Bánh vạc” are couple cakes with similar materials and processing. The main material is white, sticky rice. Banh vạc is filled in with grinded shrimp, mixed with black pepper, garlic, onion and citronella and some other secret ingredients. Bánh bao has pork, jelly ears and sliced onion and secret ingredients inside. The secret ingredients is one of the major reason for the specialty of these two cakes.

Addresses: White Rose restaurant – Nhi Trung Street

4.      Bánh đập

Delicious dishes in Hoi An

This is the name of a pancake made form rice, including two layers: the roasted crispy layer and the wet sticky layer. When enjoying it, you have to use your hand to beat the crispy layer, making it stick with the wet layer. It is pretty simple food, but draws the interest of many people.

Another important part to make a perfect banh dap is the sauce. It is processed from mam cai (a kind of Hoi An fish sauce which is made from the best small fishes in Cua Dai sea). A reasonable mixture of fish sauce, sugar, chilly, onion and cooking oil will make a bowl of delicious sauce. Nothing can replace this sauce when enjoying banh dap.

Addresses: Bánh đập Bà Già (Old Lady Restaurant) – Hamlet 1, Cam Nam commune, Hoi An.

5. Corn sweetened porridge


This sweetened porridge is special because it is made from famous Cam Nam corns. The sweetness of this food comes from the natural and light taste of the corn. Unlike other sweetened porridges of the South, Hoi An corn sweetened porridge doesn’t have coconut milk as the sweet soup, so the only flavor is from the corn. The best time to enjoy Hoi An corn sweetened porridge is between March and September, as the harvest season of Cam Nam corn.

Addresses: Corn sweetened porridge stalls on the bank of Hoai River.


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