1.History of Hanoi Railway Station

Built in 1900, Hanoi Railway Station has a history of over a century. Initially named Hang Co Station, it was designed and constructed by the French. Upon its inception, this station was the largest in Indochina with a length of nearly 200 meters. Therefore, Hanoi Railway Station is a significant architectural and heritage landmark in Vietnam as a whole, and specifically in Hanoi.

Ga Hà Nội có tuổi đời hàng trăm năm

The Hanoi Railway Station has been closely associated with many generations of Hanoians, leaving numerous traces of time. Right outside the Hanoi Railway Station is a large clock. During the French colonial period, Hanoi had six such large clocks for people riding bicycles to check the time as they passed by. However, today, only two of them remain, located at Hanoi Railway Station and the Grand Cathedral.

In the Hanoi of the 1990s, the echoing train whistles from Hanoi Railway Station became an indispensable part of the memories for the locals. For tourists, this station is a unique Hanoi tourist destination with ancient architecture bearing many imprints of the past.

2. Where is Hanoi Railway Station Located?

As a crucial transportation hub in Hanoi for over a century, Hanoi Railway Station is strategically situated at 120 Le Duan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The station is divided into two sections: Section A, located along Le Duan Street, specializes in serving North-South reunification trains, while Section B is situated on Tran Quy Cap Street.

Ga Hà Nội nằm trên đường Lê Duẩn sầm uất

From Hanoi Railway Station, travelers can purchase tickets for domestic routes. Therefore, the atmosphere at the station is always bustling. Passengers at Hanoi Railway Station include not only tourists but also many locals with travel needs or individuals engaged in trade who often move by train.

Currently, after several upgrades, Hanoi Railway Station has become more modern with waiting rooms, electronic information boards, international passenger waiting areas, wireless internet systems, and automated ticket booking systems.

3. What to Do at Hanoi Railway Station?

As a day-trip destination around Hanoi, Hanoi Railway Station is a popular choice for many tourists. It is relatively close and convenient to reach from the city center, accessible by bus, motorbike taxi (xe ôm), or regular taxis.

Upon entering the station, visitors will experience the lively atmosphere. The bustling crowds, occasional train whistles resounding, and the remnants of the past create an interesting scene. Especially during Tet (Vietnamese New Year), travelers may witness branches of pink peach blossoms bobbing with each step towards the train, as people head home for the holiday.

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Alongside other attractions such as West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, the Opera House, the Old Quarter, and the Grand Cathedral, Hanoi Railway Station is a captivating tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors. It is also a popular choice for many as an artistic photography location due to its nostalgic and impressive vintage colors. If you have the opportunity to visit, I encourage you to explore more about its unique charm.

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