How to register for the Christmas Party at Mango Hotel’s christmas at Railwaystation.

 The ‘Christmas Railway’ event is hosted at Mango Hotel from 6:00 PM until its conclusion at the Hanoi Railway Station located behind Mango Hotel.

Sân ga Hà Nội nơi diễn ra tiệc giáng sinh 2023

Throughout the event, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a buffet featuring exquisite dishes prepared by the talented chefs of Mango Restaurant. Additionally, they can indulge in a variety of wines from Italy, Chile, and France.


To register for the program, please click on “Send inquiry” and fill in the information in the fields marked with “*”, or contact us directly via the Chatbox at the bottom right corner of your screen. Our hotel staff will promptly get in touch with you!

Mango Hotel is pleased to welcome you.