Top 10 unique things in Hanoi that you can bring home.

Everyone who travels loves to buy gifts for family and friends after the trip. Indeed, shopping is a way to immerse yourself in the local culture during the holidays. Hanoi is a popular tourist destination for its diversity of cultural features, along with thousands of specialties.
In Hanoi, there is a wide range of options for souvenirs, including decorations and food. These types of souvenirs have their own charms that are really worth buying. This article will provide you with 10 things to buy in Vietnam with useful information. Everything is worth buying for foreign tourists when traveling in Vietnam

1. Silk and clothing

When you come to Hanoi, silk is the most suitable gift that you should not ignore when choosing to bring home with you. On the busy Hang Gai street, it will not be difficult for you to find shops selling fabrics, silk, and even hand-embroidered silk paintings as both beautiful and luxurious gifts. In addition, to buy silk products, sewing ao dai, hats, clothes, towels …. You can also go to the shops running along Hang Trong Street, Church Street if you don’t want to go far.

Besides, you can also visit Van Phuc silk village. Van Phuc silk village located 10km from the center of Hanoi is famous for silk weaving. The silk here is soft, thin, airy, and light, different from other types of silk, with a variety of materials. The designs imbued with national identity are also chosen by the artisans in the village to attract foreign tourists.

2. Potteries and ceramics

If you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi, take the time to visit Bat Trang, the most famous traditional pottery village in Vietnam. Bat Trang pottery products are not only famous in the country but have also been exported to many countries around the world since 1990 such as Japan, Korea, USA, and EU countries.

Bat Trang ceramics have their own unique beauty, with distinctive glaze colors and craft techniques. In addition to familiar and famous products such as cups, bowls, glasses, cups, etc., there are also products dedicated to gifts such as wind chimes, statues…

Hanoi tourists coming here can also make their own bowls, jars, vases, and cups as gifts. A gift that is both meaningful and enjoyable for you when traveling to Hanoi. However, be careful about shipping when bringing them back as gifts because these items are very fragile.

3. Cốm

When coming to Hanoi, you can’t help but mention Vong village’s nuggets. Try to stop at Vong village in the cool autumn weather, visitors will feel the sweet space, faintly fragrant of nuggets throughout the streets. Com is usually wrapped in lotus leaves and served with ripe bananas. Enjoy a little, or bring fresh nuggets as a gift, the feeling cannot be described other than the two words “happiness”.

If you can’t come to Hanoi in the fall, there are still many other specialties made from rice such as Banh Com, sticky rice, fried rice, or fried rice… for you to buy as a gift. However, some types of usage time are quite short, so you should be careful.

According to the experience of traveling to Hanoi, one of the places that from the past to now, when people come to Hanoi, is mentioned as Com Vong village. As soon as you step foot at the gate of Com village, you can already feel the faint aroma of green rice flying all over the alley. And surely, when you come here, you will want to buy nuggets as a gift from Hanoi to your hometown.

To choose to buy authentic cốm, you can go to Vong village – Xuan Thuy street, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi for about 280,000 VND/kg.

4. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are the quintessential gift that many people love to choose as a gift when visiting Hanoi. Although in many other places, there are also umbrellas, if you have once enjoyed the sweet and sour taste of Hanoi’s dried fruits, it will definitely make you remember them forever.

The street specializing in selling umbrellas is definitely Hang Duong Street, along this street you will see thousands of shops selling dried fruits on both sides of the road. Here you can find for yourself different types of dried fruits such as jackfruit, banana, plum, toad, and apricot… with full flavors of stir-fry, sourness, and sugar…

One of the most popular umami dishes to buy as a gift is an apricot stir-fry with ginger. If enjoyed, you will clearly feel the sour taste of apricots, spicy ginger, sweet stir-fried sugar, and salty secret spices. Surely once you eat it, you will remember it forever.

However, the price of these types of dried fruits is quite expensive, usually about more than VND50,000/ 100gr, but when you buy them as gifts, everyone will be delighted.

5. Cafe beans

Quy trình rang xay cà phê gia công

Vietnam has always made its mark on the world coffee table when it has established amazing and impressive achievements that are recognized in international newspapers. From the vast fields stretching across the highlands of the S-shaped country, through the time of cultivation and care, coffee varieties with excellent flavors have captivated those who have ever enjoyed them. Clean coffee, attractive aroma, concentrated substance, and rich water are the factors that bring about the wonderful and unmistakable taste of Vietnamese coffee. At the same time, special variations in processing have also contributed to making Vietnamese coffee more unique and delicious. Therefore, coffee has become one of the top choices for tourists to take home. From there, they will be able to experience and relive a little bit of Hanoi’s atmosphere right in their hometown.

6. Lotus tea

Is one of Hanoi’s gifts for the most luxurious and picky tourists. If you are not a tea connoisseur, it will be difficult to distinguish what is a delicious lotus tea and which is an industrially produced lotus tea. Any tea is fragrant and delicious. But Tay Ho lotus tea alone always brings great expectations for many tea lovers. When it comes to the lotus tea season, many people try to find a few packets of tea or a few tea flowers marinated with lotus leaves.

Genuine West Lake lotus tea is very sophisticatedly processed, made from Thai Nguyen tea grade 1, and marinated with lotus rice many times to absorb a gentle fragrance. Lotus grown in West Lake has a standard aroma. Lotus tea is quite expensive, about a few million a kilogram, but with the delicate taste of this Trang An specialty, many tourists love it and choose to buy it as a gift. The price of genuine lotus tea falls to 600,000 VND for 10 tea buds.

7. Handmade embroidery

Embroidery paintings in particular and embroidery products in general in Vietnam have long since gone beyond the village bamboo wall, not only being consumed throughout the country but also being exported to dozens of international markets such as Japan and Korea. China, Singapore, America, Europe…

With increasingly rich materials (threads, fabrics), with a sense of artistic creativity, artisans have gradually turned embroidery to the pinnacle of art.

Not only the lines of needles but also the hand-embroidered paintings have shown the ups and downs of time, recreating the events of history. At the same time, each embroidered picture only hides the beauty of the national culture, the rustic and simple beauty, and the sincere and warm humanity of the Vietnamese people.

Experiencing changes in history and the development needs of the market, besides traditional embroidery, the embroidery profession has now developed more fashion embroidery, ao dai, tablecloths, blankets, and pillows. … These are extremely suitable gifts for you to bring a little Vietnamese atmosphere into your home decoration.

8. Lacquer Painting

Lacquer is a type of material that appeared early in Vietnamese history besides oil paintings that have been known and popularized. According to archaeological research, the first evidence of the appearance of lacquer material appeared hundreds of years BC. Over time, lacquer paintings are used more and more in many fields, typically to decorate the objects of noble people.
Experiencing many ups and downs of history, lacquer painting has finally found a firm foothold in the Vietnamese art and painting village. Owning a treasure trove of unique and massive paintings, it is no wonder that lacquer paintings are one of the paintings with the highest aesthetic value. Lacquer paintings are created with a lot of effort and enthusiasm. As a painting genre that requires perseverance and meticulousness, lacquer paintings often have a luxurious beauty, each line is carefully polished, thereby also making the paintings beautiful. grinding has a high value in many respects.
Therefore, when coming to Vietnam, many tourists have been fascinated by lacquer paintings and bought them to display in their homes or as gifts for their loved one.

9. Handicraft

When walking on the old streets of Hanoi, you will come across countless small shops selling all kinds of hand-made items entirely by artisans. Hanoi has had hundreds of craft villages since ancient times, although through the years of history, along with the development of technology, many craft villages have gradually disappeared, handicraft products always have a place. certain and become an indispensable part of Hanoi. When you go to these stores, you can meet a variety of products, from ethnic cloth bags to conical hats or products from bamboo and rattan… something special that you will surely find something suitable for you to take home.

10. Jewelry

When coming to any famous tourist destination in Hanoi, you will also easily come across colorful shimmering jewelry with all kinds of designs, materials, and styles… The items sold as souvenirs are quite popular because the prices are very reasonable and especially they are very unique that you can hardly find them elsewhere.

Jewelers on Hang Bac Street provide the market with a wide variety of jewelry with sophisticated designs and diverse designs such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. A simple stone, and wood, price ranges from 45k – 200k depending on the type.